Getting Rid of Age Spots and Enlarged Skin Pores

I did not like the small dark areas on my skin, especially since they are commonly known as age spots. They really do not have anything to do with your age, but that is what people call them. You can get them at any time, but you do see more of them typically on the skin of the elderly. I wanted to do something about them. I never liked seeing them in the mirror. I wanted a more even tone for my skin, so I went to an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore that specializes in these types of procedures to make your skin look better.

I also wanted something done about the large pores I have on the skin of my face at the area just below my cheek bones. (more…)

Celebrating 35 Years of Marriage in Tuscany

We usually host our family reunions at my parent’s ranch. It is rather large, and there is plenty of room for anyone wanting to stay overnight or even longer. This last year though, we wanted to do something really special with just our immediate family before the actual reunion took place. I had been looking at luxury villa rentals in Tuscany because my parents had gone to Tuscany for their honeymoon 35 years ago. They were married when they were both 18 years old, so they are still very young at heart and in great shape physically too. (more…)