Potential Pros and Cons of Titanium Rings

Wedding and engagement rings made out of metals other than gold and platinum are becoming more popular, especially those made out of tungsten or titanium. These metals tend to be less expensive and stronger than the traditional wedding ring materials, but there are also some potential drawbacks to these rings. People sometimes want a ring that will last as long as the marriage and be able to be passed down to future generations, so it’s important to choose just the right one.

Benefits of Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium rings are lightweight, strong, resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, and don’t heat up with exposure to heat. The titanium is more readily available than gold or platinum, so it’s a relatively environmentally-friendly option. These types of titanium rings tend to be good for guys with jobs that would likely lead to a lot of damage to a gold or platinum ring. Titanium is also hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for anyone to wear. While the metal itself is inexpensive, keep in mind that it’s difficult to work with, so labor costs may be higher than with gold or platinum. Because these rings are resistant to scratching and corrosion, they don’t need as much maintenance as gold or platinum rings. The rings can also be treated to turn them into different colors other than the traditional silver color, although the color may wear off over time and need to be retouched.

Titanium Ring Considerations

The strength of titanium is also a drawback because it makes it difficult to form titanium into intricate designs and makes it harder to resize or repair rings made out of this material. This limits the number of designs available. This metal can’t be used to make a prong-style engagement ring or one with stones embedded into the metal, for example, which is why titanium is more often used for men’s rings than for women’s rings. Be sure to choose a ring that’s made from Commercially Pure titanium between Grades 2 and 4. Don’t choose aircraft grade titanium. This type of titanium is so strong that it can’t be cut with regular cutting tools in an emergency situation and they can’t be repaired, resized or engraved.