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Protect the Welfare of the Elderly through ACFI Funding The welfare of a country’s senior citizens are served and protected in the most effective way through a funding approach called ACFI or Aged Care Funding Instrument. This instrument would see to it that the needs of the elderly people are assessed and met at all times in the most objective way. It is important that you need to know the basic things about this funding, and these will be outlined briefly here. There are several reasons why we need to support the elderly citizens. First of all, as a person gets older, his or her bodily functions and capabilities would gradually decline, and thus would tend to require more support and assistance. Next reason is that, in this 21st century, most of the elderly citizens are living in subsidized caring facilities. Most of the common reasons are because of the facts that the seniors have no children present to attend to their needs, or they are left alone after the death of their spouses, or they are financially incapable of funding their health care needs.
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And the third reason is that the senior citizens in a developed country comprise the majority of the population, thereby tasking the government to be responsible in protecting their welfare.
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There are several ways on how the government looks after the senior citizens. First is for the state officials to send their financial support caring facilities that are subsidized. Another method is for the government to conduct a routine assessment of all senior citizens living in the caring areas about their financial needs with the help of medical professionals who are hired at predetermined intervals. There was no standard for the conduction of these reports in the past that caused miscommunications among medical experts and debates as audit officers would come out with their reviews, and so the government developed this system. Because of the problems mentioned, ACFI was created with the aim of making assessments easier to conduct and in a way that is objective and has standards. It was then observed that whenever outputs come out, there is less miscommunication of the evaluation after the system was developed. In the ACFI system, the vital information and present medical diagnosis of the client is first asked. Afterwards, twelve questions are asked with the aim to get information that will classify the client as having high, moderate, or low health needs in the three major domains. These three major domains are complex health care, behaviour and activities of daily living. ACFI will then determine the level of assistance to give to the senior concern from the scores of these three domains.