Searching for a Place to Live in Atlanta About Did Me in

I have a hard time making decisions. I’m one of those guys that wants to see every option. Then, if that is not bad enough, I want to wait to see if any other options will soon become available. My wife says she is surprised we got married. I told her I recognize perfection when I find it or it finds me, and that she is the perfect one for me. She wanted me to be able to be like that when we were looking at midtown Atlanta apartments to move to. I admit that I poured over every real estate offering for apartments in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and I was having a hard time picking finalists.

She helped me by eliminating the ones even one dollar outside of our maximum housing budget. I was reserving them just in case. Then we eliminated all apartments that did not have a gated access control. We wanted privacy in an access-controlled environment. Then she bumped one of the “Nice to Have” options up to the “Necessary” category, and that narrowed our choices greatly. We really do need fiber optic Internet service at the gigabit speeds. The Pad apartments in Atlanta not only has Google fiber Internet, the heating and cooling is controlled by NEST. Innovation and tech are right up my alley.

The rooftop sky lounge is a “Nice to Have,” and it is the only one I have seen for apartments around here. So, we took the leap and signed a lease for a two bedroom place at The Pad when we were looking at midtown Atlanta apartments. Six months in and I am not regretting our choice. I did not need all the spreadsheets and checklists for this decision. I should have just relied on my wife’s intuition. She knows what we both like, and she has no problem finding it fast. Yes, I worry too much. However, that is why I have the perfect wife who helps me work through my quirks.