A New Aparment for My Foster Daughter

I looked at two bedroom McDonough apartments when I knew I was going to become a foster mom. I just didn’t have enough room where I was at, and that was the stipulation on my application being accepted. I already knew that I wanted to stay in the same area, so that narrowed down my choice a good bit. I wanted my foster child to feel comfortable, and the apartments at Crossing at McDonough was perfect for that. The first thing I looked at was the apartment layout.

I wanted both of us to have our privacy, but I also wanted us to have plenty of room in the common section of the apartment. The apartment that I ended up getting is better than I could have expected. There are two bedrooms, and each one has its own bathroom. The smaller bedroom does have to share the bathroom with any apartment guests, bugt I knew that the majority of those people would be her friends anyway. A really nice thing about it is that there is a bedroom on each side of the apartment. On my side, I have my private bath, a large walk in closet, a nice bedroom, and my own private balcony.

I knew that balcony would come in handy when she was busy with her friends. I wanted to be able to stay out of their hair if they wanted to watch TV in the living room or go into the sunroom, and I was actually looking forward to spending some time on the balcony. There is a living room, a dining room, the kitchen and the sunroom in the middle of the apartment. There is also a laundry room off of the kitchen. I got the apartment not long after, and my foster daughter moved in about three weeks later. This really is the perfect setup for both of us!