An Apartment Where I Can Have a Lot of Fun

Moving is all what a person makes of it. I don’t mind moving, but that could be because I had a great example in that area. My dad was in the military when I was younger, and we ended up moving a lot. My mom took it all in stride, and it was always a fun time for us, no matter what. That is why when I started to look at Ballantyne apartments in Charlotte, I was determined to make it as fun as possible. I wanted to find a nice place to live that would keep me smiling, and that is exactly what I found.

I thought it would be nice to live close to enough to things where I could walk instead of having to take my car. I am a social butterfly, and I love to do all kinds of things in whatever neighborhood I am living in. I love to try all of the restaurants, visit all the galleries and unique shoppes, and hopefully listen to some local music or see local plays. To be able to walk to to any of those things instead of fighting traffic is definitely a huge appeal to me.

Though I do enjoy getting out and enjoying the local flavor, I also don’t mind just staying at the apartment complex as long as there are fun things to do there. Here at The District, there are plenty of things to do. When I go to the clubhouse, it seems there is always someone there who wants to do some karaoke, play a game, watch a movie or a number of other things. We also go swimming together, play tennis, and all kinds of great things. That is why I am so happy with the apartment that I found, because it is definitely a place where I can have a lot of fun!