My Sister Needed a Place to Stay

My sister went through a pretty rough divorce not long ago. She was living in Maryland with the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. The first year of marriage was good, but things changed when she became pregnant. She loved her daughter before she was even born, but her husband did not. She ended up divorcing him even before the baby was born, but he harassed her for a while. I begged her to come down and look for an apartment for rent in Brandon FL, which is where I have lived for the last three years.

She was here once and really liked it, and I knew that she would be much happier here. I offered to let her stay with me, but she is pretty independent. I knew that she would accept some help, but she would draw the line at taking up my personal space. Though I didn’t agree with that, I understand it because I can be pretty stubborn myself. Even before she gave me her answer, I started looking at apartment complexes close to where I live. Two things happened. The first is that I found her the perfect apartment. The second is that I found a better apartment for me too.

I knew that she would need help with the baby, but I never imagined that we would live in the same complex. I ended up getting a one bedroom unit, and she got a two bedroom unit. Though she is going to keep the baby with her at nights at first, she would eventually need the second bedroom for her. This turned out to be better than either one of us thought it could be. She thought it would be a huge adjustment, but it turned out to be a great decision that was very easy to get used to once she moved here.