Celebrating 35 Years of Marriage in Tuscany

We usually host our family reunions at my parent’s ranch. It is rather large, and there is plenty of room for anyone wanting to stay overnight or even longer. This last year though, we wanted to do something really special with just our immediate family before the actual reunion took place. I had been looking at luxury villa rentals in Tuscany because my parents had gone to Tuscany for their honeymoon 35 years ago. They were married when they were both 18 years old, so they are still very young at heart and in great shape physically too.

My two brothers and two sisters thought it would be a great idea for the four of us along with our spouses and children to take them to Tuscany to celebrate 35 years of marriage with all of us. We all have children too, so I knew that we would need a pretty large rental so we could all stay together. When I saw that we would be able to rent the estate that was the setting for my mom’s favorite film, Under the Tuscan Sun, I knew we had to get that one. Thankfully, it has 10 bedrooms and just as many bathrooms, so I knew that it would be plenty big enough for all of us.

I looked at all the details of the rental along with all the amenities, both inside and out, and I knew that it was simply the most perfect place ever for this family gathering. Outside, there is a pool and a spa, plus there are vineyards and olive groves, bicycles, and so much more. Inside, there is so much for all of us to enjoy, though we did end up spending the majority of our time outside just enjoying life and one another. This was a surprise for our parents, and I doubt we will ever be able to top it.