We Jumped at the Opportunity to Rent This Apartment

My wife really liked the bathroom in the apartment we looked at. We had seen so many apartments that they were all blending into one in my mind. I was weary of looking. Then we found these apartments for rent in Manassas VA that were brand new. The place had just recently opened. I have to admit that the big glass walk-in shower was nicely designed. I fancy myself an amateur gourmet, and I liked the kitchen. It was laid out really nice, and it had space for everything I need when preparing a fancy meal. That’s what my wife calls them. She enjoys them, but pokes fun at the level of work I put into making some meals. It’s a hobby. Some guys might tinker with cars, I tinker with the chemistry of food.

We both were really liking the resort-style pool. It is flanked on two sides with rows of loungers up on a ledge in the pool. It has about a foot of water to partially cover each lounger. You can relax with your body partly in the refreshing water without having to be in the deep part. It is a great place to cool off and read and work on your tan. The fitness center has the high-endurance cardio equipment that we both use every morning. Well, we do take Fridays off to indulge a bit and rest from working out.

This apartment complex is amazing. Everything is new. Nothing is worn out or looks old. The clubhouse has a cyber cafe. Plus, if you work in DC like we do, the apartment is within walking distance of the VRE. That is super convenient. Plus, you know you are saving on your housing budget by living outside of the Beltway. We are glad we took a look. We leased an apartment at the end of our tour.