We Just Got Back Home

Of course when you are in the Air Force they tell you where to go and we have been fortunate that they have accommodated us and let us both serve in the same places. I am glad to be back home and not have anyone telling me what to do, although Megan was saying that she is going to miss flying. We have been home a couple of days and we started to look for a one bedroom apartment for rent in Tucker GA. Both of us are going to be going to school for a bit, but I have a job working for a friend of my uncle. He has a used car lot and he needs a new mechanic. The job does not pay what I would like it to pay, but it is a temporary thing until school starts and it pays a lot better than flipping burgers or that sort of thing.

We have some money saved up and the government is going to be helping us out so we are going to be okay. Right now we are sleeping in the basement of her Mom’s place. She is determined to get us to stay and to produce a grandchild or three for her to play with. It is not a terrible idea to be honest, but Meg is not thinking about it. It would be a good location and she is not going to charge us anything, but that is not the plan. In fact my Mom is not that happy with me, it probably was a bad idea to let her find out that we were staying with Meg’s mom instead of her. At any rate we have not had much time to do the stuff that we need to do just yet and we need to get on it.