We Are Both Going to Thrive in Charlotte

I was not looking forward to moving to Charlotte at first. I thought I would be leaving everything behind, and by that I mean my son. When he told me that he would like to move with me though, my entire perspective about the move changed. I thought he would want to stay because of his girlfriend, but he told me that they were on the verge of breaking up, which really surprised me. It made me happy too though, and I started looking for two bedroom apartments for rent in South Charlotte.

I knew that I was making the right move for me, because I had worked hard for the promotion that was taking me there. I also knew that it would be a good move for my son because his opportunities would also increase once we were in Charlotte. We were leaving a town that had not even 20,000 residents and moving to a major city that nearly one million people call home. That alone meant that the opportunities were going to be a lot more plentiful for him, and I know he was excited about that part of it too.

When I showed him the apartment complex I was looking at, he got even more excited. There is just so much there for him to do. There is the typical pool and fitness center, but these two features are even better than the average apartment complex because of the equipment at the fitness center and the cabanas and grill areas by the pool. It also has free bike rentals, a fire pit area where people can gather and have fun, and so much more. I knew that we were going to be happy here, and by the looks of it, my son does too. I just know that we are both going to thrive here.