I Took the Job Nobody Wanted and It Now Pays Well Enough to Support My Family

The heat is on early in life here in Singapore to be productive. There is a lot of competition in just about everything. I am not the competitive type, so it was difficult for me to find a career to thrive in. I like to just do my best. I do not like time pressures or competing against those I work with. I was fortunate to have a company owner recognize my abilities to work independently, and that got me a job that has made us able to afford our condo. You can see the new condos at www.parclife.net.

I took over a job that others did not particularly like to do. There were plenty of errors as it was a job people wanted out of. It was isolated and non-competitive. There was no vertical movement other than your standard raises. However, the position was critical to the success of the rest of the company. It put me in a unique position to perfect the job and be happy at doing it. With my recent raise and a bonus I got for error-free work for an entire year, the job now looks attractive to some others, except that you work completely by yourself. I’m not giving it up though I have been required to train a few others to do the work when I am on holiday.

I never thought I would earn enough to lease a four bedroom condo and be able to support my wife and three children. My wife works a good job, but her income is mostly saved for our later years and sudden unforeseen necessities. We enjoy our home life at Signature at Yishun in Singapore, and we are grateful to have careers that make it possible to have such a nice new place to live.