Don’t Want Your Network be Blocked? How to Achieve It?

You probably heard several things about Net Neutrality, a hot subject for some time now. Even if many of us believed that this war might be won, some of the recent developments were rather disheartening. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) abrogated the rules for net neutrality despite the popular opinion and expert advice. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop fighting for your right and freedom. This is how to fight for Net Neutrality and prevent your network from being blocked.

New principles issued

A few days ago, the FCC, led by the Gop, voted to abolish the protection of net neutrality. In 2015, a series of newly established rules required ISPs to act fairly. As a result, ISPs are required to offer their products to all their subscribers in the same way. You might be shocked that we are talking about this, but ISPs’ Internet connection rates have been purposely tossing for a while now. You have businesses such as Comcast that restrict Internet connection rates to users of Netflix to make their own streaming services more affordable.

It is also worth pointing out, meanwhile, that ISPs do not have the right to at least theoretically do what they want to do. Even today, ISPs can change their service terms – but with the permission of FCC. It is necessary however to note that, once damage is done, there is not that much can be done by FCC.

Potential risks that can be brought by whitelist

The most negative result could be that certain products are identified by ISPs through whitelists. We learn that Internet providers plan to introduce specific plans to users or only allow users to access the products and websites they have chosen. For example, you can pay for surfing on the Internet, but you cannot access Hulu or Netflix. You may be asked to pay more for the use of media streaming services. You can see instantly that, the driver for you to struggle for Net Neutrality.

Here comes the question, how to fight for it?

It is not a recent story for some ISPs to block the access of certain websites. The best way to do this is break through this is to unblock websites by using VPNs.

VPNs are different types of network encrypted programs. Once you run a VPN and turn it on, the entire Internet traffic starts on a VPN server. You get a new IP address, which means that you are linked to the Internet from another physical location. This is how you can watch US Netflix overseas, or view ESPNs worldwide.

It is also comforting to know that there are some very affordable VPNs (prices vary between US$ 5 and US$ 15 per month). These are extremely easy to use and with them, you can avoid prying eyes (and your ISP from your internet browsing). This is at least the best way to fight for Net Neutrality at this moment and to stop blocking.