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Popular Body Piercing Jewelry Pieces

Body piercing is considered a type of body art that a lot of people from around the world practice. For this body art, you can expect parts of your body to be punctured or pricked using a particular method. Once the piercing is done, an attractive piece of jewelry like one shaped like a ring passes through this piercing. Through the years, body piercing was commonly done in the ears only. You can’t say the same today as younger people tend to have unusual or different body piercing ideas. This well-loved trend is giving way for a special family of body pierce jewelry pieces all intended to enhance the various parts of the body that have been pierced.

For many centuries, body piercing has been practiced across civilizations. It is meant to be an ancient tradition. During these ancient times, babies were pierced from birth regardless of their gender. In terms of fashion, the ears are not the only commonly pierced part of the body but also the nose. For ancient Egyptian practitioners, body piercing was associated with the spiritual gains as a holy ritual. For primitive tribes, on the other hand, body piercing was considered a cultural trait.

Besides the ears and nose, modern-day piercing methods also involve other parts of the body. Some recent body piercing trends include eyebrow piercing, labret piercing, tongue piercing, nipple piercing, and navel piercing. Many reasons predispose a person to get pierced in various parts of their bodies. When it comes to some people, they want to enhance their image as well as make themselves look more attractive. Meanwhile, other people choose to get parts of their bodies pierced to make an individual fashion statement.

In ancient times, materials used as body piercing jewelry were often from nature like wood, animal bones, claws, and shell. Throughout civilizations, mankind decided to bring in metals for creating an array of body jewelry pieces.

In present times, body pierce jewelry pieces are made of silver, gold, steel, platinum, titanium, and bronze as well as the use of semi-precious stones and diamonds. Nickel metals are not preferred because they are a common source of an infection. This can damage certain parts of your body. The most commonly used material for these jewelry pieces on various parts of the body is gold in either 14 or 18 karats.

When it comes to body piercing jewelry pieces for the labret or navel, they often come in shapes of twists, spirals, tapers, claws, tunnels, and tusks. Pyrex glass is also used for this particular purpose in jewelry pieces. You get both opaque transparency variants as well as transparent colors.

Before beginning the body piercing process, it is vital to properly sterilize the tools that will be used. The same is true for your body pierce jewelry of choice. If you don’t make sure of this, then you may be at high risk for nerve damage, bacterial infection, and allergic reactions.

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